Bank & Brokerage

"We improved our reporting timeliness and accuracy while lowering our operational expenses."

The Profile
A leading global investment banking and securities firm, needed to improve the reporting timeliness of its partnership investments. Information required for reporting were scattered over numerous systems. A typical quarterly reporting process required in excess of 1,000 work-hours.

The Goal
The client wanted a solution that integrated with the Microsoft Office suite of products. The solution had to work with data from its existing systems as well as data from external sources such as ADP and custodians (financial institutions.)

The Solution
Accolade developed a partnership accounting and reporting solution for the client. Accolade was able to help the client reduce the cost of development by using its industry proven pre-built business modules.

The Benefits
Through Accolade's consulting services and software solutions, the client reduced its operating expenses, and improved timely and accurate reporting. Accolade's component-based development approach based on its extensive library of proven business modules provided the client with a custom solution at approximately one-third the cost compared to the cost of development of a system from the ground up.