"We reduced annual operational expenses by 30% with Accolade's WebReporterTM services."

The Profile
A healthcare service provider in New Jersey, needed to provide to its clients access to its information 24/7. Its existing legacy system could only provide monthly reports, and summary graphs were manually created for each client using Microsoft Excel. Monthly reports ranging from 50 to over 100 pages were then mailed or faxed to each of its clients.

The Goal
The healthcare service provider wanted a web-based reporting system with a secured multi-level employer and employee login process that could integrate with its existing legacy system and Microsoft's OfficeTM products. The solution had to be in compliance with HIPAA regulatory requirements - Security Standards for the protection of Electronic Protected Health Information. The solution had to be easy to use by its clients and access to its information 24/7. A Phase I production system had to be completed within 120-days.

The Solution
Accolade's WebReporterTM & WebAuthorTM Services was the solution. Accolade processes the client's data on a daily basis and provided summary and detailed utilization information and graphs via the internet through its WebReporterTM Services. The solution integrated with the client's in-house legacy systems. No additional programming was required on the legacy system and thus, no additional maintenance, support or training needed.

The Benefits
By using Accolade's WebReporterTM & WebAuthorTM Services and incorporating Accolade's component-based development approach based on its extensive library of proven business modules provided the client with a custom solution at approximately one-third the cost compared to the cost of development of a system from the ground up. The healthcare service provider was able to deliver to its clients an internet-based reporting platform in less than 120 days. The time spent on preparing monthly reports and graphs were eliminated.