"I am extremely thankful for your company's straightforwardness and honesty in its assessment of our needs and how we were to resolve our processing concerns."

The Profile
A global bookseller, wanted to improve the processing capacity of its accounting unit. The processing volume had increased to an extraordinary level due to acquisitions and opening of new bookstores.

The Goal
The client had been processing books and magazines returns by manually reviewing monthly reports provided by its legacy systems and reports provided by the publication distributors. Both distributor "return" fee balances and item count discrepancies were significantly increasing. A new system was required to interface data from its legacy system and poll data from its distributors' systems on a secured network.

The Solution
Accolade provided the client with a dataflow analysis of it existing operational processes and systems. Accolade's Exceptions Processing and Reporting Platform ("EPRP") was recommended as a basis for the development of the new system.

The Benefits
By using Accolade's Exceptions Processing and Reporting Platform ("EPRP") in conjunction with Accolade's component-based development approach based on its extensive library of proven business modules provided the client with a custom solution at approximately one-third the cost compared to the cost of development of a system from the ground up. By putting new procedures in place, the client further improved its processing capacity by eliminating redundant manual processes.