Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

Accolade's Business Technology Advisory Services for Compliance & Reporting ("CR") will help organizations mitigate litigation risks by assessing corporate policy, processes and systems infrastructure.

Innovation in derivatives and financial engineering pose significant new challenges for the corporate compliance watchdog. Accolade's Financial Software Engineering Group have helped risk management departments develop solutions to measure and reduce market, credit, operational and model risk, as well as comply with SEC regulations such as Rule 17a-4, 17 CFR 240.17a-3,4 and Sarbanes-Oxley 17 CFR 240.13a, for trade records and financial audit, respectively

HIPAA regulation 45 CFR 164 - Subpart C - Security Standards for the protection of Electronic Protected Health Information. Accolade have helped healthcare organizations in assessing internal policy and processing procedures to modification or implementation of new systems to address technical safeguards in regards to authentication, access controls, audit logs and encryption, as stipulated in section 164.312.